More Faux Fur

Dec 22, 2016

Boots, Goodnight Macaroon (READ REVIEW) | Bag, Prada & here | Top, Bohoblu c/o | Jeans, J Crew | Similar vest here here & love this one! 

A little review: I had seen these OTK boots sold by Goodnight Macaroon pretty much all over Instagram, mostly advertised by bloggers. So, I decided to buy a pair. They are advertised as 100% genuine suede and at $148 it seemed like a good deal. NO. First of all, it took a almost month for the boots to get here. I didn't know they were shipped from Hong Kong. I don't mind ordering from overseas, I do it all the time (Choie's & Shein)! But I do mind ordering from overseas when I think I'm ordering from the US. Second of all, they arrived with a horribly strong chemical smell. Yuck. Lastly, they ARE NOT SUEDE. They are a synthetic material that can't even be mistaken as suede, like if you have ever felt suede there is no room for confusion. I emailed customer service asking about all of this (on Friday) and have yet to hear from them. Boo. I say all this to say this: don't trust everything you see girls selling on their Instas and blogs. I will review products and receive free products or money in exchange for a review, but I will never post something I don't like. I have sent items back, I have told companies 'hey look, sorry but I can't post this' (not those exact words but you get the point). 

So if you are looking for a good pair of OTK boots, I mean these are great! But they aren't what they are supposed to be. I suggest the Kaitlyn Pan boots that I've worn several times like here & here. They are the EXACT same material as the GM ones but not falsely adverstised. Plus they have the absolute best customer service- if you ask them a question via Etsy they get back quickly and are super nice! Anyway, just wanted to give that honest review. I actually shared this story on my Instastory and I had so many girls messaging me telling me about their bad experiences with the company :/ No bueno!

xo, Samantha Brooke