How I get my Messy Curls

Dec 20, 2016

So obviously you know that I like messy hair and I wear my hair curly on an almost daily basis. I have naturally curly hair, well, half of my head is curly and the other half is wavy lol, so I have to use a curling wand to make it all match 😀 Anyway, my hair is so fine and soft that if I just curl it, it looks super flat. So I add texture! Texture is so important for any hairstyle, especially up-dos! Without it your hair is just flat and lifeless and hard to manipulate. To add texture I use beach spray and dry shampoo :) I love a sea salt spray for my hair because the texture it creates is a matte finish and it doesn't look oily or greasy. The dry shampoo I use between washes (I try to only wash my hair 2-3 times a week), and I also use it for my roots to give them some volume. I have found that if I use beach spray at my roots it is a bit heavy and my roots fall flat, so the dry shampoo is the perfect alternative! If I want my hair more curly I just use the wand on smaller sections of hair, and I curl larger sections for a more wavy look. Easy peasy! 👩

xo, Samantha Brooke