Grays & Gray skies

Dec 15, 2016

Jeans, AG (last year). Exact color here | Similar sweater here & LOVE THESE sweaters (under $30) (have it in black & love it! | Boots, Kaitlyn Pan c/o, heeled version here | Bag, Louis Vuitton

I constantly find myself matching with the weather (no sunshine here in daysss), especially if it is gray and dreary out! When the weather's moody- so am I, and so are my clothes :) I added the boots (last seen here & here) for a bit of color, to break up all the grays. As you know, I am obsessed with over the knee boots and these are 💣👍!

Today my sister and I drove my nana to Johnson's Burgers for lunch (google it, it's a life changer). I have mentioned that since my papaw's passing that I spend A LOT of time with my nana, like almost daily. I spend most mornings or afternoons with her and my sister that goes to school locally spends her nights with her. So today we went to get burgers then we all three hit the gym haha. She was like, "I can't keep up with you girls!" haha, precious. I am thankful that I can be there for her, I can't imagine losing my life long partner and I would hope that someone would be willing to spend their days with me too. Anyway, got a little off topic lol- just wanted to give some insight to my life lately. 

xo, Samantha Brooke