2016 Review

Dec 31, 2016

Snow in January ⛄

↑ On our ski trip to Boone/Blowing Rock, NC

↓ Early spring...

↑ On a trip to Bath & Washington, NC

This spring/summer brought the prettiest flowers!

↑ Charleston, SC
↓ Summer vibes

4th Of July

Holden Beach, NC

Holden Beach, NC

More summer...

↓ Here comes fall...

↓ My Girl's Trip to Disney with my sisters. Such an amazing trip <3

↑↓ Two of my favorite looks from December

This year has been filled with so much joy, happiness, and heartache. My younger self would not have understood the heartache as well as I do now, but I realize that life is a beautiful mixture of happiness and sadness. You can't break down and stop living because of the hurdles that come your way, you have to keep going. 

This little blog has reached so many personal goals and milestones, and that is only thanks to you guys. I get this little bubble of happiness in me when I think about how much I love blogging and how grateful I am to each one of you that reads here 💗 I can't wait to see where we go in 2017! Cheers to a New Year and a fresh start!

xo, Samantha Brooke