Gift Guide:For the beauty junkie

Nov 21, 2016

This parfume roller and this lavender lotion are PERFECT gifts for that girl you know that carries everything in her bag (like me 🙈)! Both contain oils so the scents last all day, I have only been wearing this Ocean Mist parfume lately and it smells heavenly. My husband loves it! The only other parfume I have ever had that contains oils like this and lasts literally forever once it's on your skin was one I bought in Hawaii during my honeymoon, it is a Plumeria parfume and I love it dearly <3

For the makeup obsessed: ELF beauty! ELF has so many budget friendly, great quality products- they are cheap enough to create little beauty stockings for all of your girlfriends :) (Actually...I think I might do this!) Plus they have literally everything you can think of, I just got their beauty sponges and they are heavily used!

For the sun-bum: Mystic Tan at home products! Say what?? Yes, at home! I have been using the gradual tan lotion every other day, in addition to the spray tan, which I use every 4-5 days. I have held a great glow and a natural looking tan (with no streaks!) ever since I started using it. This is definitely the best sunless tanner I have ever used 💓

For the high maintenance hippie: Aveda Feeling Balanced gift set. These sprays are made of essential oils and were designed to help align your Chakras (my yogis know what I'm talking about). They can be mixed & matched, or you can just use your faves- my most used are Expressive and Harmony. When I feel like I'm in a rut, or feel a little off, I spray some on, inhale, and meditate for a bit (just sit quietly and focus on what you NEED to focus on). It may all be in my head, but it always helps me :)

I'll be sharing more unique and quirky gift ideas as I come across them this season, I like gifts that not everyone is giving- then you know your recipient won't be getting the same thing twice!

xo, Samantha Brooke