Fall Beauty

Nov 1, 2016

As the seasons change so do our skin's needs and our color palettes (how boring would it be if not??). For instance, with winter coming up the cold air usually brings dry skin, and dry skin can tend to get flaky. Thus, you may find yourself needing to exfoliate more to remove those dead skin cells. Color wise I tend to lean more toward darker lip colors and dramatic eyes during the fall and winter months, vamp things up a bit :) Below are my current must-haves: 

I'm not going to try to put up false pretenses here- as a blogger I am part of e/l/f/'s 'beauty insider' program, so I get a box of goodies from them every so often. This past box contained some realllly great stuff- and I'm not just saying that because they sent it to me. I have received items from companies that I just refuse to post on here for one reason or another, just know that I only post products that I like! This exfoliator is the bomb y'all. The grit is super fine, which makes it easy to rinse off, and it works SO WELL. I use it every other day to keep my skin smooth and to remove those dead dull skin cells. 

FYI: if you are not exfoliating and you are applying skin care products to your face, you are wasting your money. You need to remove those cells and gunk so that the products can penetrate the surface and get into the skin. 

I love mineral make up for the same reason I love tinted moisturizer- it looks like skin. I'm a skin girl, not a cake that foundation on girl, so I prefer a natural finish. I also love that mineral make up is all natural and tends to cause less redness, irritation, and acne breakouts because it is pure and doesn't contain added preservatives or oils. To get a smooth finish be sure to exfoliate regularly, moisturize, and prime. That's all you have to do for a naturally flawless, real look. 

3. Fall Lippies
Although I like red lips all year, in the cooler months I also like the rich berry colors. These two are my current favorites: 

4. Bold Eyes
During the spring/summer I usually opt for just mascara, with light eyeliner just on top and no eyeshadow. It look super natural plus let's be real, NC summers are so hot you'll sweat off most of your makeup anyway. During the cooler months I love a BOLD eye. I love love love lots of eyeliner and thick long lashes. To get those lashes it's important to prime first (this plumps and conditions the lashes for mascara). I have been using this primer with this mascara. I love that they are affordable drugstore finds and that they work sooo well. 

PS: I use this e.l.f. makeup remover pen to erase any mistakes with my mascara or eyeliner. If you rock the wings then you know they can smell fear and you probably only mess up when you are running late- this is the best $3 you will ever spend!

This Maybelline pencil is giving Anastasia Beverly Hills a run for her money! The color varieties are great and it is for defining and making the browns stand out. You can't have bold eyes without having bold brows, you just can't!