Equestrian vibes

Nov 14, 2016

Sweater poncho, Bohoblu c/o | Corduroy leggings, Nordstrom | Boots, Ugg. Similar here & here| Bag, Louis Vuitton | Sunglasses, Chanel | Watch, Michele

*10% off on the top with code SAMANTHA10 + free shipping from now until the new year! 

The top & leggings run TTS. I have had these leggings for a few years, I was actually surprised that they still make them haha, but they retain their shape and you get the corduroy effect without the thick bulky fabric. Perfect with riding boots :)

I think I crammed about 4 days worth of events and stuff into this one weekend. Non. stop. We surprised my mom for her birthday- I made reservations at a restaurant and had the wholeee fam-bam show up before her, then it was up to my step-dad to get her there. This was no small task. We made it work though, even though she wasn't happy that we didn't tell her so she could dress up 🙈 haha. 

I have been testing out SOOO many beauty products these past few weeks, both store bought and natural stuff. Can't wait to share my reviews...once I figure out to get the information into pictures and content. 😐

Also let me add, I am so thankful for this beautiful fall we have had! It is one of the best falls that I can remember, the temperatures and leaf colors have been just beyond amazing. 

xo, Samantha Brooke