Cropped Turtle Neck

Oct 26, 2016

Sweater, THML c/o | Jeans, Old Navy | Shoes | Bag, old from Zara

GUYS! Three days left until Countdown to Christmas on Hallmark Channel!! So it's like a countdown to a countdown, but I LOVE Christmas movies, especially Hallmark Christmas movies! I don't care if I have seen the same ones over and over, I love watching them- all day errrday. This is such a great time of year. Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas! The spirits are high and everyone (mostly) is just more cheerful, I love it. 

Anyway, these $18 jeans are so comfortable, ultra stretchy, and help accentuate your curves #winning. I love the fringe hem, too! This week we've had those weird days when it's like 50 degrees in the morning, 80 degrees at lunch, then back to 50 at night. Not enough eyerolls for this! Layers are the only way you can make it through such drastic temperatures, fortunately I love to layer :)

xo, Samantha Brooke