Bow Blouse

Oct 24, 2016

 Shirt Uniqlo & similar here , here , & want this one! | Shoes, Tory Burch | Skirt, old from Old Navy. Similar here | Bag, Louis Vuitton (Speedy 30) | Sunglasses, Ray Bans

This has been a busy fun weekend! Saturday I went with my family to a local festival, ate the best crab cake sandwich possibly ever plus funnel cake and lots of tea and lemonade, it was such a great time. I love festivals and fairs, mainly for the food haha. The leaves are really changing around here and they are gorgeous! I love NC for the fact that we really do have four seasons, I know I joke and say that we go from summer to winter and back to summer, but in reality the changing of the seasons are beautiful and I always look forward to seeing the colors of the leaves in fall and then watching the flowers bloom in spring :) It feels magical and there is always something to look forward to.