70s Vibes

Oct 28, 2016

Here's a pic of what my outfit should have looked like in the pictures, but it was sooo windy! I hate how my shirt kept filling up like a balloon. 

Shoes, Sbicca | Jeans, Express | Bag, Givenchy | Top, H&M. Love love this mock neck top! 

Happy Friday! My guy is playing in a golf tournament this weekend with my step-dad for fundraiser for my sister's college softball team and I am planning a HUGE bonfire at our house. We have a pretty big pile of trees and brush that fell during a storm a few weeks ago and instead of hauling it off my other sister mentioned we should have a bonfire so voila! Hotdogs and marshmallows it is :)

I love vintage/boho/70s style clothes and I LOVE this top I found at H&M a few months ago. I am currently looking for a pair of clogs to wear this winter with flares, preferrably platform style like the shoes above- can't stop won't stop until I find the pair I have imagined up in my brain haha. 

Enjoy your weekenddddd!

xo, Samantha Brooke