Style Crush, Lauren Conrad

Sep 14, 2016

images via bing

Confession: In the world of blogging it is so easy to lose yourself, or get in a deep rut. You blogger babes know what I'm talking about. There are so many styles and beautiful images floating around us all the time, it's easy to get distracted so to speak, and forget what your style is. Over the past few months I have really buckled down with my style and finding out what I am comfortable in. With that being said, every so often I am going to do these 'Style Crush' posts to keep myself in check with visuals, sort of like a mood board but on my blog :) First up, Lauren Conrad! Total babe, right?? She has effortless style which I LOVE and she is versatile with the feminine and casual looks, which I also LOVE. I feel like if I have a style idol, it's her. When I see any of her outfits I just think "I would totally wear that". I love that she wears real stuff too,-things you can actually wear in real life, know what I mean? 

xo, Samantha Brooke


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