'No Makeup' Makeup Look with Clinique

Sep 30, 2016

Foundation, Clinique c/o | Lip balm, Winky Lux | Mascara, Clinique c/o | Blush, Clinique c/o in Iced Lotus

First of all I have to just say that if you had told me a few years ago that I would be working with some of the brands that I have had the opportunity to work with, I never would have believed you. I am in no way a 'big blogger', but I am so grateful for all the opportunities my little corner of the internet has afforded me. Ok, back to this post. I have been using Clinique since I was 16 and their products never disappoint! For this easy look I just dabbed a few dots of foundation on my face where I needed it the most (under my eyes, on my cheeks to cover some light freckles, and my forehead to even the whole look out). You really don't have to put foundation ALL over your face everyday, especially if you have a good match. Just use it as needed to show some skin ;) I used this blush (in Iced Lotus) lightly on the apples of my cheeks. And that's it! It's your face with a teeennnyyy bit of help :) Perfect for those days when you have three minutes to get ready, or when you just don't want to wear any makeup but can't really not wear any makeup. 

PS: This adorable cupcake makeup bag can be yours along with lots of free makeup!! It's free HERE with any $27 Clinique purchase <3 #allthehearteyes

xo, Samantha Brooke