Tomboy Chic

Aug 1, 2016

Tee, Nordstrom | Jeans, old. Similar here (under $50!) | Bag, Louis Vuitton | Sandals, Tory Burch | Chambray, J Crew. Similar | Sunglasses, Karen Walker | Similar hat here

Weird story that happened this weekend: Saturday night we were going to bed super late after binge watching Breaking Bad (we just started watching this show, yes I think we live under a rock ha). My guy was cutting off all of the lights downstairs and in our upstairs hallway and was at our bedroom door when he said, "Honey. There's a bat in our house!" I didn't believe him at first, then I peeked down the hallway and sure enough, there it was flapping around! We grabbed weapons from our utility closet (a broom and ceiling fan duster lol) and opened side doors. We waited and waited hoping he'd fly out and eventually he did! It was so strange, it felt like I was stuck in a bad comedy and someone was going to pop out and yell you just got PUNK'D, only it never happened. Let me tell you, bats are super fast! He flew around our house for like 10 min (felt like an hour) before finding his way outside and when he zoomed by I could only think about if he wants to bite me there's nothing I can do about it because he's a speed demon! I think he knew we didn't want to hurt him, thank heavens! Also, I think I know how he got in: I think he must have flown into our garage when one of us was coming in, then it was just stuck in there. I went to our garage closet for something and left the entry door that leads to the kitchen open, so I'm thinking he snuck in that way. That was also the night that my chihuahua, Zoey, wouldn't sleep and kept growling at our bedroom door (that we close at night). I felt a little bad because I fussed at her and told her to stop, and she was just trying to warn me of the bat! It's a little unnerving to think that it was in our house for at least a day, but I'm glad he's gone!

Since we had a late night of Breaking Bad and bat catching, we slept in on Sunday and had a (very) late breakfast at the fancy Waffle House because we were to hungry to make the drive to our normal spot. Usually sleeping in late like that just makes me feel even more blah than being tired does, so I KNEW I wasn't dressing up at. all. I threw on some comfy stretchy jeans, my go to sandals, a tee, and a baseball cap to hide the extra messy hair. I was comfortable and the necklace and bracelets helped me feel a tad put together :) We made a Whole Foods run, hung around the house, kept an eye out for bats, and cooked a late dinner (skipped lunch since we at breakfast at like 1:00 pm lol. It was a good day <3

xo, Samantha Brooke