Aug 19, 2016


Similar jeans, here | Hat, H&M | Shoes here & here | Bag, Louis Vuitton | Top, F21 (old). Similar here

I actually found these pictures on my SD card, I wore this months ago and never blogged it #badbloggeraward. It worked out great though- I have been too busy this week to get dressed cute and take pictures, and this look is perfect for September coming up! Glad I stumbled on it :)

I have about a month left in my esthetics program and I am currently trying to figure out what I need to do when I complete it. I love skincare and I love helping people figure out what their 'skin problems' are and helping them resolve those issues, I just don't know exactly how I am going to put that passion into a job that suits my needs, ya know? I am not going to stress about this though. I am done with stressing over trivial things. Everything always has a way of working out and I have great faith that this will as well <3

xo, Samantha Brooke