Little Ballerina {Photography} 8/1/16

Jul 1, 2016

First of all, you would think that children would me more difficult to photograph than adults- not so. I've noticed that adults tend to become (I am guilty of this!) quite self-conscious once the camera is pointed at them. Children just don't care! Their innocence is just there to capture and it makes for the sweetest photos. The only thing this little girl would not cooperate with me on was sitting in the grass in front of a large bunch of flowers. She refused! She said, "Umm, there's bugs. They're flying around." I had to laugh and just snapped more pics of her standing :)

For this shoot I used my Canon 5D Mark III & my go to 50 mm. I shot all of these on f/1.8. I love shooting on a low f stop because it really captures the light and creates a beautiful bokeh and that creamy, dreamy background <3

xo, Samantha Brooke