Black & Red

Aug 8, 2016


 Top, Nordstrom | Jeans, H&M old. Similar here | Bag, Prada (color is Argilla) | Shoes, old. Similar here

Personal post: 

My family had quite the scare this weekend- my Papaw (grandpa) went to Urgent Care because he all of a sudden was running a temperature Friday afternoon, when he got there they called an ambulance and he was sent to the ER. He had Pneumonia and Sepsis (infection in the bloodstream). He was in ICU for a couple days, then on Sunday they moved him to a regular hospital room. He is expected to come home in 1-2 days and my family, obviously, is very relieved. There is nothing harder than watching someone who you've known to be one of the strongest people you've ever met in a hospital bed weak, sick, and hooked up to a gazillion wires and machines. Watching our loved ones get old is probably one of the most difficult things we as humans have to suffer through, in my opinion. We shouldn't take our grandparents and parents for granted, and should be willing to do for them what we can, with a willing heart. 

xo, Samantha Brooke