Fall Style + #NSale

Jul 22, 2016

Happy Friday!! I wanted to share some of my favorite fall looks and a Nordstrom Sale 'strategy'. I like to stick to buying basics when we are this preseason. Mainly because my taste changes on the regular, so what I like today I might hate in a couple months-so I play it safe and buy the items that I can build an outfit around and get lots of wear out of :) I honestly have not bought anything this year from the sale. Shocker I know, I'm probably the only blogger that hasn't gone crazy lol, but I feel like I already have the basics and would rather wait for fall to buy fall things, if that makes sense haha. So, if you need some basics, the sale is great! If you are looking for fall stuff...you might want to wait until fall. The new will wear off by then and you'll probably want to buy something new anyway and the items will just sit in your closet...trust me- did it last year. 

xo, Samantha Brooke