Duster x Romper

Jul 6, 2016

Sweater, Anthro | Romper, H&M $13 | Bag, Gucci | Shoes, Anthro old. Similar here (keep in mind these are listed in UK sizes!) | Earrings

Welllll, I had planned to get this outfit shot at sunset BUT the southern summer weather had other plans (eye-roll). Anyway, I love  flowy rompers but I always feel like my tush is exposed, so I like to wear a longer sweater with them :) The longer length adds a touch of modesty to an otherwise pretty revealing outfit. I fell in love with this sweater when I spotted it at the Anthro in Charleston, but at $98 I just...couldn't see it. So, I waited! Glad I did because I found it at my local Anthro for...wait for it...$35! Sometimes it pays to wait, guys. It's currently $50 with 30% off so you can get it for $35 too! Don't wait this time though haha.