Drugstore Beauty Review

Jul 26, 2016

I'll be honest, I am a bit of a beauty snob. Ok, I'm a big time beauty snob. Name brand? I want it. Expensive? Gotta have it. Pretty packaging? MUST HAVE. But lately (mostly thanks to the girls at school) I have tried some budget friendly products that work wonders! These are my favorites...

This stuff. Guys, it's the perfect day-time moisturizer. SPF + added benefits. It goes on non greasy and doesn't leave you shiny. It is very important to moisturize, especially under matte foundation, which can be drying on some skin types. 

I took a break from foundation for about a month, and I knew when I started wearing it again I would need something that worked well in this awful heat and humidity. This one fits the bill. For example, it was 95 today, humid, and I ran errands for hours earlier. My face is still shine free. I find this to be very comparable to Estee Lauder Double Wear, so it's a great dupe if you like that makeup. 

This concealer has good texture (doesn't crease) and covers SO WELL. This will be replacing my Dior concealer that I was obsessed with :)

Two in one deal with this (if you can find it! it is so hard to find!) The blush is perfectly pigmented and the hi-light is on point. 

I love retractable eyeliners and this stays in place and doesn't smudge, hallelujah! 

I used this to fill in my brows and keep them in place. I have used Anastasia Beverly Hills, I just find it a bit overpriced for what it is. This honestly works just as well as Dip Brow ;)

I am a mascara hoarder. Like, I buy them all. I grabbed these two because they were cheap and I honestly wasn't expecting them to work well. By themselves they are good mascaras, BUT TOGETHER they are amazing! You can get some pretty awesome lashes by applying a couple coats of two different formulas (side tip :) )

So I'm not a big fan of contouring on the daily, but I am a fan of the darker shade in this little kit for use as a bronzer. It is very pigmented, stays in place, and the palette is less than $4. No brainer.

So as you can tell by now, it doesn't have to cost a ton to be good quality. All of these products are budget friendly and are definitely worth adding to your beauty arsenal <3

xo Samantha Brooke

PS: I will be sharing all outfit deets in a post later this week :)

PSS: I chopped my hair tonight! By myself! Ahhh, don't leave me alone with scissors haha. Can't wait to share