All American

Jul 4, 2016


Similar shorts here | Tee, Loft | Sweater, boutique find. Similar here $15 | Sandals, Tory Burch | Earrings 

Happy 4th of July! I love festive holidays and I love that today is all about celebrating America! Go do American things, like watching a baseball game and eating a hotdog :) My family usually goes to a baseball game every 4th, they are so much fun and then there is always a fireworks show after the game. This is the one day I will sit through a sporting event without complaint haha.

I have less than a week before our beach trip and I am getting excited! How lame is it that I already have a few outfits planned?? But seriously, I just feel at home at the beach. Like it is where I belong. One day I'm pretty certain I will live there, just not right now and that's ok :) I have been looking at handbags  A LOT lately and I think I want a Chloe Drew. OK, I REALLY WANT a Chloe Drew. I just love how chic that bag is and how it can be worn with an all out chic dressy look, or dressed down with cute boho vibes, or it would even look fab with what I'm wearing in this post. Ahhh, must have. Le sigh, we'll see.

xo, Samantha Brooke