Embroidered Frock

Jun 6, 2016

Dress available in white here ($23) | Similar clutch here & here | Bracelet, David Yurman | Similar shoes here | Sunnies, Karen Walker

Friday evening I had a shoot to do for my sister and her boyfriend. It was so hot I literally felt like my skin was melting off of my body. Anyway, I knew jeans were NOT an option, so I grabbed the most flowy, most loose dress I owned. I didn't want any fabrics sticking to me and showing off my sweat (so gross), so this frock worked perfectly. Every year I forget how hot our summers in NC are, and every year the heat just smacks me in the face- this can be taken quite literally!

Tonight I made a Whole Foods run with my guy and stocked up on lots of fruits and greens for smoothies. I have GOT to get back on the green smoothie train and I am starting tomorrow. My energy is down, my skin is randomly breaking out, and I feel like it's because I have been relying too heavily on caffeine rather than nutrition in the mornings. I make delicious smoothies, so it's not that I don't like the taste of them, it just takes a bit of planning and prep time...here's to a new week friends!