Closet Staple: White Denim

Jun 30, 2016

Obviously I'm a jeans girl. My lazy look usually consists of ripped skinnies, a tee, and sandals. I probably have over 50 pairs of jeans and I can't bring myself to part with any of them, even though I basically wear the same two pairs over and over again haha. Anyway, I like to wear white denim to switch up my look without really switching up my look- if that makes sense? I have been wearing my white jeans since early spring and they can easily be transitioned into fall and even winter. I highly recommend snatching a pair if you don't own some already. I feel like they also look a tad bit more polished and can be more feminine than blue denim :) Just don't eat pizza when you wear them...not that I've dripped tomato sauce all over myself or anything...

Here are my picks, starting at $33!

PS: I have been listening to the same 4 songs for the past 48 hours: 

1. UB40, Falling in Love with You
2. Adele, Send My Love
3. Charli XCX, Boom Clap
4. Alessia Cara, Wild Things

Can't stop. Won't stop. 

xo, Samantha Brooke