Swing Shorts

May 26, 2016

Shoes, Tory Burch. Red ones on sale here | Top, Old Navy | Shorts, Joie | Earrings | Watch, Michael Kors | Bracelet, David Yurman | Market Tote, Jeanne Beatrice

First of all, ignore my hair in this post. This was mine and my sister's first day in Charleston and we were so excited to get out of the car after a 5 hour drive (and a stop to change out of our gym clothes at the most disgusting rest stop), so we parked the car in the first space we found open (after driving around downtown for about 30 minutes looking for one #tourists) and just started exploring! During our exploration of the cute historical parts of Charleston, it started raining. Helloooo frizzy flat hair. We were too in awe of the city's charm to care though. We ran to the nearest coffee shop, plopped our happy butts down and enjoyed our soy lattes for a bit to wait the rain out, then went right back to adventure ;)