Living Room {that's not really a living room}...

May 3, 2016


Rug | Coasters | Candles here & here | Floor lamp | Pillows here here & here | Gold shelf and glass coffee table are Ikea (spray painted gold) | Pink chairs are vintage from Etsy | Abstract art canvas

((I have a gallery wall on the fourth wall, see post HERE))

This room doubles as my office space, it's where I do all of my blogging and edit all of my photos. The style of this room is basically just an explosion of everything I like! It's as if a bomb of creativity and girlyness just went off and filled it up. Every other room in my house is super simple and neutral, so this is a nice change of pace for my creative self :) I'm the only one that uses this room too, so there isn't a tv. I find tv to be a major distraction because if I sit down to watch it I will not get anything else done! I watch The Walking Dead (when it's in season) and Hallmark a few nights a week, that's about it. Our tv's are in the den and the bedrooms, thankfully they're easier to avoid that way! 

I feel like in order to be creative, you need to be surrounded by things that make you...happy. So I wanted this space to be filled with things I like, whether everyone else likes them or not. I always have fresh flowers in here, I always have my favorite Anthro candles, little things that make me happy. I promise you, the happier you are, the more creative you can be <3