1 Shirt 3 Ways

May 25, 2016

Top, Back East Boutique c/o ($26) | Sunglasses, Karen Walker | Jeans, Joe's & more than half off | Watch, Michele | Bracelet, David Yurman | Clutch, vintage. Similar for $10 here | Earrings, Happiness Boutique c/o | Shoes | Cardigan, F21

I love clothes that are versatile. Being able to switch up a piece and wear it more than one way adds a lot of value per wear to the item- as opposed to clothes you only wear a few times, you're not really getting your money's worth out of those items. This top is a great example of that, it can be worn as a scoop top, off the shoulder, or the sleeves are thin and light enough to throw a loose knit cardi on top (without bulge. I hate sleeve bulge!). I also highly recommend these jeans, I have worn them sooo many times already and they are more than half off. Joe's Jeans fit like a glove, too!


I'm going to get a little personal here and talk about anxiety. I'm usually pretty good about keeping my anxiety in check, but here lately it's like I've lost my grip on it. I feel nervous and anxious for absolutely no reason, and I know there's no reason but the feeling is still there. It's like I am constantly waiting for something bad to happen, and that bad thing will more than likely never even happen! It's insane and hard to deal with at times. I remember in elementary school being so nervous (again, for no reason) that I would have to go in late because I would literally worry myself sick. So if you're going through this, know you're not the only one.