Prom {Photography}

Apr 28, 2016

I took these photos for my sister and her group's senior prom. ((I can't believe she is a senior in high school!!)) Anyway, I doubted the location at first (a golf course), but after a few looks around I knew where my best shots would be taken. The rustic white barn and the ivy that grew along the side of it were my favorite features! To give away my age, MY senior prom was TEN years ago. TEN YEARS. Ahhh, time slow down. 

Most of these photos were edited Jana Williams Preset. OMG I LOVE IT. I love the creaminess it adds, it just makes picures look so romantic. I also love the film vibe, I wish I was brave enough to learn film...maybe one day :) (PS: no this isn't an ad, I just loveee her work and I am so grateful that I found that she has a preset)