Favorite Spring/Summer Sandals...

Apr 14, 2016

With so many styles of sandals out in the world wide web, sometimes it can be hard to choose the ones you like best! Trust me, I know. I want them all, but all of them just aren't an option haha. So, I have narrowed it down the the four styles that I wore most last year and here they are: 

We wore Rainbows when we were teens, now we have these. They are versatile enough to wear with cutoffs and a tank, or with a cute sundress :) I found them TTS and excellent quality, unlike most of Tory's shoes which I have found to not hold up well.

Umm, instant chic. I have these in pretty much every color of the rainbow. I love the minimalist look, especially when there are lots of other things going on in an outfit :)  They are simple and come in a variety of prints, colors, materials, etc. 

Lol, really the main reason I bought these was because I knew they would be easy to walk in haha. BUT, I love the feminine look they lend toward an outfit! I like to wear them with dresses, obvi. 

I reach for these shoes when I want to add some height but don't really want to add a dressy vibe to a look. They are the perfect casual heel, especially with my favorite style: boho-chic!