Brooke & Isaac Part 1 {Photography}

Apr 21, 2016


I can't believe I'm using this phrase lol, but I felt honored that these two let me take their engagement pictures. This is only a fraction of them, I will share more in a few days :) We spent about 3.5-4 hours taking pictures in a total of three different settings. Brooke wore two different dresses and added a sweater to one dress at one of the locations to switch up the look (It was actually my sister's sweater that she had brought haha. She has a good eye so she went with me to help out). Isaac changed shirts once, the wardrobe changes were to just to give the photos some variety. I typically like a more 'film' look to my photos, but with this more urban setting I went with toned down colors to add a more calming feel. Anyway, I love how they all turned out and LOVED that we got to shoot some at the very Starbucks they had their first date at <3 More on their story and more pictures in the next week or so...

PS: I hope you guys don't mind that I will be sharing my photography on here more often! I just feel like outfit after outfit, clothes clothes clothes can get boring, ya know? Especially when you are probably bombarded with TONS of outfit posts on the daily. I really enjoy photography and I hope you like looking at the photos!


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