Mar 25, 2016

I love this time of year! This is lame and sappy, but it reminds me so much of when Justin and I started dating in high school haha! He 'asked me out' in May but we talked all spring so this season just brings back lots of sweet memories. I'll post our story in a few weeks along with our wedding pics, trying to hold out until May since that's our 11 year anniversary <3

Bag | Similar jeans here | Top, Anthro. Similar here

Sprucing up the place with fresh roses!

When I'm in a pinch and don't feel like getting ready for weekends- ripped denim, oversized cardi, and baseball cap it is. I always add a good bag and cute watch and I instantly feel chic :) 

Hat | Bag is vintage Coach | Necklace is DIY | Flares | Top is old but I LOVE a flowy top with flares. All of the boho feels!

Sandals (I live in these in summer!) | Sunnies

Shirt, Choie's c/o | Jeans, J Crew. Similar Here | Bag

Sweater | Tee | Similar shoes here 

It has been so windy these last few days there is no way I could do any good oufit pictures, so I thought it would be the perfect time for an Instagram recap! I took Corbin for a walk today and poor thing's ears were standing straight up because the wind wouldn't let them lay down haha. It was super cute. I take him to this local park that's literally right up the road from my house, and I was snapping the park because we were the only ones there...or so I thought. I was talking to Snapchat and recording myself saying, "It's sooo nice out! We are the only ones here!" I replay the snap and look up, there is a couple sitting on the bench like four feet from me. Just staring at me like I'm an idiot. All I can do is say, "oh! Hi!" haha. So embarrassing! I am ridiculously unaware of my surroundings. 

I was looking forward to a long weekend, then my office was informed today that we have to work tomorrow, boooo. So I hope everyone thinks of me while they are out and about on Good Friday. I'll be sitting in a cubicle lol.