White Blazer

Feb 22, 2016

Blazer, Forever 21 | Jeans, AG | Bag, Givenchy | Shoes, Nordstrom | Sunglasses, Ray Ban | Necklace, not available online. *I have a contact if you'd like to order

Transitioning between seasons is my favorite! I love getting out of that rut I get in when I've been wearing the same types of looks for weeks on weeks and making myself get a little creative. This crisp white blazer is perfect for spring (all seasons, actually) and I can't wait to wear it with shorts this summer #chic. I'm loving the new denim trend with the unraveled hem. I actually wore my jeans like this in high school because my favorite American Eagle jeans had became too short and I couldn't afford new ones, so I unraveled the threading and made them just like they are selling them now. Back then it was for function though, not style haha. I remember that like it was yesterday, I was in 10th grade and 15 years old. Holy cow time flies. Thankful I can afford new clothes now :)

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