The past few days...

Feb 16, 2016

Valentine's Roses! I love this holiday <3

Beautiful flowers from Pinterest because I am spring ready!

When your handbag is more photogenic than you >>>

A snap from brunch with my girls Saturday!

Coffee break on my snow day

Love that afternoon light


When Justin asked me what I wanted to do for Valentine's Day I had said we should just wait to do something because last year we went to a fancy restaurant and the food & service was just terrible. I know it's not the waiter's fault that it was like that, it was just SO BUSY & SO CROWDED and they couldn't keep up. So this year I thought we should wait until the following weekend. So we went out on Sunday (Valentine's Day) with my little sister in tow and headed to grab some dinner. All of a sudden Justin wants steak (major eye roll here because it's freakin Valentine's Day and every restaurant is packed). So we went to Flemings who was booked until closing BUT they had first come first serve at the bar! We got so lucky because there were empty tables at the bar so we ate there :) Everyone was having a romantic dinner all dressed up with their lovers and here we are with my younger sister in jeans and leather jackets haha. It was delicious though and we had an absolute blast <3 Oh! J loved his gift! I got him...corn hole boards! LOL but he loved them and he likes that game so they were perfect. One is made like a UNC Tarheels basketball court and the other has a New England Patriots design on it. His favorite teams :) 

My sis & I on Valentine's Day, while everyone else was all dolled up and we are in all black :) Shout out to my husband for putting up with us when we're together lol