Re(marc)able Foundation Review

Feb 17, 2016

First of all, I can't believe I am posting close ups of my face on the internet. I took the pictures with my cell phone, in my car lol and other than adjusting the exposure (bc of the terrible lighting) they are not edited. I used my cell phone camera rather than the DSLR because I feel like this is a more accurate image of the foundation and how it wears, vs the DSLR which I feel like gives skin a little more of a smoothing effect. 

So, on to the review. I had been wanting to try the Marc Jacobs beauty line for quite some time. I read some pretty good reviews and let's face it, I love how the packaging is super chic. This foundation is full coverage and wears as such. It was easy to match to my skin, so easy that I didn't even have to get a second opinion from a staff member like I usually do because the color was that good of a match. I love the feel, it's super light and matte but not a dry looking matte. It still leaves skin looking luminous which I LOVE. I also love that it lasts all day. I used this brush and it works like a dream. I have never had such a good foundation brush. Ever. I wore this all day Sunday while walking outside a bit and running around town and it looked the same at the end of the day as it did when I had just put it on. I did not have to set with a powder, although I did use my Urban Decay setting spray, which I use any time I take the time to do a full face of makeup because hellllooooo, that shiz takes time and it better stick. 

Basically if you're looking for a full coverage foundation to last all day without drying out your skin yet still leaving a matte finish, this is your makeup. I recommend this over Estee Lauder's Double Wear, which I find to dry out my skin and look cakey. Re(marc)able did not do either. 
Five Stars :)