Leather X Flares

Feb 19, 2016

Jacket, old. Want this one | Booties, Tory Burch. Similar here | Bag, Gucci. Similar here | Jeans, Express | Watch, Michele | Similar scarf | Sunnies, H&M

Yesterday I took the day off of work to take Corbin to the vet and I had an eye doctor appointment, plus I had a ton of other things to do. I picked up my little cousin (she's home schooled) yesterday morning and we met my grandparents for breakfast and she just spent the day with me. We got our nails done and just made a day of it. Obviously I am not used to having a child with me because I forgot she was with me at the eye doctor- I had left her in the waiting room while they did the initial exam stuff (I could see her from where I was) and then when they sent me to the back to wait on the doctor I was like, what am I forgetting?? It was her! I felt awful ha. I had to go back into the (full) waiting room and get her and take her back with me. THEN it was like 4:00 and I realized I had not given the poor child lunch! So I took her to Subway and she seemed happy with that lol. She seemed to have had a blast yesterday though, I'm picking her up after work today and we're doing a girl's night in with my sister. Moral of the story: I don't think I'm quite ready for children haha. 

So clearly I love black and camel together, since that's like one of the only color combos I wear. My moto jacket is one of my favorite pieces and I am really loving different fits in jeans (tired of the skinnes) lately! Love these flares, they are flattering and really make my legs look long ;)

((It was incredibly cold and incredibly windy while we were taking these pics! The scarf was going EVERYWHERE and I was literally numb from the cold haha, so ignore if I'm an extra dose of awkward in these :) ))