Gray Denim

Feb 24, 2016

Shoes, old. Similar here | Bag, Givenchy | Jeans, AG | Top, F21 | Sunnies, Illesteva | Watch, Michele

OKAY- I had been going back and forth between these sunglasses for a bit, so I finally just bit the bullet. SO glad I did. I love them. If you want something, I do recommend thinking about it for a little while before just buying it, just to ensure that you do truly want said item and it's not just an impulse buy. This was one of my New Year's Resolutions and it cut my shopping back tremendously, let me tell you.

This is kind of ridiculous so don't judge me, but I went into work late and left super early today because my dog was sick. This is a little graphic so quit reading now if you don't want to know about it... he was throwing up a little bit yesterday but then he acted like his perky little self, sitting in front of the fridge at exactly 7:30 waiting on his Fresh Pet food. Then, this morning he acted sick again (and got sick again) and I couldn't just leave him throwing up and sick like that, so I went in a couple hours late. When I got to work I felt so guilty about leaving him alone (not to mention I was worrying like a crazy lady) while he felt bad it was making ME feel sick lol, so I left after a couple of hours. Thank you Jesus for giving me understanding coworkers! I feel like most places of business would not be so caring/understanding, so I am grateful that they are such a great group :)