Snow Day

Jan 24, 2016

Similar hat here ($16) | Boots, Ugg | Leggings I wear too often, Zella | Coat, Choie's c/o | Scarf, old from Zara. Similar Free People scarf Here $14! | Bag, Louis Vuitton

So we got some winter weather! I didn't go to work Friday because the roads were icy, I stayed home with my furbabies and drink lots of green tea by the fire. We did venture out for lunch down the street but that was about it. I was thankful to get out of the house today (Saturday) because I'm not used to being at home all day and was getting a bit stir crazy! You best believe when we did go out I was BUNDLED to the max. I do not do well in cold, never have. It literally pains me to be cold, not kidding. I wear layer on layer and always throw on a hat and chunky scarf when there's snow or ice out. The warmer the better :) PS: it was super windy, that's why I'm holding my toboggan on my head haha. 

*Excuse the photo quality! I wasn't planning on blogging this but then I was like, what the heck! So I only had pics from my iPhone :/