Gray Day Blues

Nov 9, 2015

Dress, Free People (on sale!) | Boots, old. Similar Here | Watch, Michael Kors | Tights, 2 for $24 + free shipping | Bag, Tory Burch

Random thoughts: 

I have never seen so many gray days. I feel like I haven't seen a full day of sunshine in foreverrrr and it is taking a toll on my mood. The fact that my work office only has ONE view outside (the door) may or may  not also be affecting my mood. 

I have never in my life been sick as many times as I have this season. I haven't been sick in two years and then bam! I have been sick like four times since August. Absolutely ridiculous. Right now I have a sinus infection and it is 

I can't believe Christmas is almost here! I have not bought the first gift and I'm kinda starting to panic. I know it shouldn't be about the gifts but I like to give!

Speaking of Christmas, I still have my fall decor up. Usually the mums are dead by now (haha) so I would have already switched over to Christmas stuff, but I just can't bear the though of wasting those cute pumpkins and gorgeous flowers!

I finally found the perfect pink chairs. I have been searching for over a year (and driving my husband crazy about it) for the PERFECT PINK and I found them on Etsy!! I can't wait to get them delivered and incorporate them into my living room. 

Sneak peek of my chairs. EEK!
Thanks for reading!