Gallery Wall

Nov 11, 2015

Lamp, old from Target | Box, Home Goods | Gold Frames, Dollar Tree | All pre-framed artwork, Hobby Lobby

So I had been contemplating a gallery wall for a whileeee, then one night I was with my gal pal in Hobby Lobby and all of the canvas and framed art work was 50% off! It was a sign. I picked my pieces ($80 for all of them!), went to Target and picked up several packs of the 3M Commands (a blessing I tell ya), then went home and got to work! I didn't pre-plan the arrangement, I just kinda started on the outside and worked my way in, trying to keep the colors and sizes balanced. I knew I did not want it to be 'perfect', as in the spacing of the pictures, so I am really pleased with how it came out! I love that it looks cohesive yet still looks a little loose and fun. 

I chose to use different size and color frames to keep it interesting. I also chose to keep my main colors to a minimum. Notice the use of mainly blue and pink? I feel like too many colors would not have flowed as well. 

Cheater tip that will save you time:
Once you have the largest piece hung up, make sure it's even with a ruler/leveler, then you can use that frame to make sure your others are even. I didn't make sure they were all even because I could just align them based on the one I KNEW was perfect :)

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