The Friday 5

Oct 2, 2015

Enjoying my semi-furnished living room this week. It has been my office and my workout area :) I love these pieces from IKEA and can't wait for it to stop raining so that I can get them painted!

I took this shot for a mini assignment for my photography class. I love the little pose Zoey is doing. Sooo adorable. 

Hands down, THE best mascara

You must try the peach tea from Starbucks! I don't remember the name but just ask for the peach tea. Heaven!
Image via Pinterest

My life mantra. Small things get me super excited, like a trip to a coffee shop when I have time to drink my coffee in the shop and changing leaves during the fall. Some people take enthusiasm the wrong way and try to knock others down when they're happy (boo on them). I'm excited to be alive and I'm going to show it!


It's supposed to rain ALLL weekend so I doubt I get any outfit posts shot. For that I am saddened because I really wanted to take my new camera for a spin, but I will enjoy the gray skies nonetheless <3