What's {Currently} In My Bag

Sep 25, 2015

1. Wallet
 This serves as a file for everything that I must keep forever but don't really need. You know, like six months worth of gas and grocery receipts. Only the important stuff, guys.

2. Beauty Stuff
Because you never know when your hair will frizz or when you'll need some pink lipstick to give yourself a little boost. I actually prefer a Starbucks napkin to blot oil during the day, but the compact comes in handy sometimes too :)

3. Notebooks/Agenda
I am a constant list writer and note taker. An old (albeit awesome) song pops in my head? I write it down to buy on iTunes later. Just thought of a cute outfit? I write it down so I don't lose my inspo. 
Notebooks: here & here

4. Camera
This is only in my bag on weekends because honestly I never know when we'll have time for my outfit pictures. So I lug it around and hope we drive by a cute park or building, which we usually do :)

5. Tic Tacs
Okay, a little back story. From the time I was like four, my Nana used to let me get a pack of orange Tic Tacs every time we went to the gas station or the grocery store. I didn't want chocolate or any other candy, I wanted Tic Tacs. So I would get my Tic Tacs and eat them all at one time and they were amazing and I have been addicted ever since. Like seriously, my insides are probably rainbow colored. The only thing that's changed is the flavors and I don't eat them all at once now haha. I eat a 2-3 when I'm craving something sweet and they really curve the craving!