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Aug 2, 2015

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1) Yes, baby shampoo can be used as face wash! This is my favorite face wash to date. I feel like it balances my skin, removes all dirt, oil, and makeup, yet it never dries my skin out. Highly recommend this one, ladies! It's also been known as a great dupe to Philosophy's Purity :)

2) I love my Clarisonic. I use this brush the most because it's extra gentle and it's also really soft, but it still sloughs off that dead skin and keeps skin exfoliated. 

3) You know I love some sunless tanner. I received this one a couple weeks ago and I'm hooked. It's basically impossible to streak this stuff. It can be found here. My Instagram pal Amy sells it and she's a total sweetheart. 

4) H2O. Ladies, if you want glowing, smooth skin you mush hydrate! I promise you will see a difference in fine lines and skin clarity if you drink the recommended 64 ounces daily! It makes such a huge difference. 

5) I use coconut oil for lots of beauty 'stuff'. It's a great eye makeup remover and moisturizer. I use it daily as an eyelash/eyebrow 'conditioner'. Just a little goes a long way, but it really does strengthen your lashes!

6 & 10) Frankincense oil has been used by many for years (think Old Testament!) as an anti aging agent (must be diluted properly). I use this mixed in with either coconut oil or the Clinique moisturizer on my face (because it needs a base) & it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. I use the exact brand that I have linked above and love it. You can also find it at your local Whole Foods store :)  Read about the many other benefits of Frankincense here.

7) I have been using Neulash for a little over a month and am obsessed with how much my lashes have grown. Literally, they have grown like weeds. I had just removed my eyelash extensions right before I got this, so my lashes were in pretty bad shape. This stuff is a MUST HAVE!!

8) I don't use this moisturizer daily because I have pretty normal skin and I feel it's a little too heavy, but when I start to feel dry I dab this on and it really works great. The price tag is a little steep for this stuff but it does moisturize great and has never caused my skin any problems. 

9) This eye cream is the holy grail of all eye creams. It moisturizes, removes bags/dark circles, and smooths fine lines. Not kidding, if I miss one or two nights of using this I can tell a difference. 

**I have also been using White With Style to whiten my teeth and really love their peroxide free kit. It makes me feel a little less bad about drinking so much coffee haha. You can get your kit for $28 with code 'xosamantha' <3

xoxo, Sam

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