{More} Casual Vibes...

Jul 1, 2015

 Shoes, Anthropologie | Shorts, Old Navy. Similar here & here | Bag, Tory Burch | Tee, old. Love these! (2 for $28) | Sweater, Mahina (Hawaiian boutique that I LOVE). | Sunglasses, Ray Ban | Watch, Michele | Similar headband

So I know my last post was also a casual look BUT I feel like this is the real me and it's a practical look you can wear pretty much anywhere. There is nothing more I hate than falling in love with a particular outfit (online via bloggers, stores, emails, etc), thinking about purchasing it, then being like 'umm, Sam. Where you gonna wear that crop top poufy midi skirt high heeled combo to?' Then I'm bummed because I got all excited about a new outfit that didn't happen. 

Thank you to everyone who wished me luck at my new job! I am really liking the people and have a good understanding (always a good thing! lol) of the job already so that has really helped with my anxiety about the situation. And when I say anxiety I mean I have been stupidly stressing my body out for nothing. I always do this, always. Ever since I was like four I can remember just stressing and being sick to my stomach (my poor tummy this week) over silly petty stuff. It's something I have always had to work on and hopefully one day I will get a grasp on it. If you have tips I'd love to hear them, so shoot me an email!!

Thanks for reading & MUAH!!