{Review} Sunless Tanner

Jul 9, 2015


Happy Friday Eve! I have been using sunless tanners pretty much all spring/summer, so I wanted to share some of the ones I have tried so far! If you try them yourself, keep in mind the color is NOT permanent so don't freak out if you turn a shade you hate lol. From my personal experience, all of these formulas have washed off within two to three days of the last application. 

1) Neutrogena Build-A-Tan : Rating- 8

Pros: Natural color, easy to use, pleasant smell, price, convenience, doesn't streak
Cons: Peeling effect of color- especially in elbow pits and around wrists
Overall: This is my favorite sunless tanner. The ease of use, smooth color application, and price point all make this one the best in my book. Even though this is a lotion, this is as close to a Mystic Tan that I have been able to get from a drugstore. 

2) Neutrogena Micro Mist : Rating- 7

Pros: Natural color, reasonable price, several applications in one can
Cons: Somewhat difficult to apply, streaks easily, smell
Overall: I do like the color this spray gives IF you apply it perfectly. If you mess up, however, expect some streakage. It also doesn't have the most pleasant smell and the spray is ultra fine, so expect a mess on your floor. 

3) L'Oreal Sublime Bronze : Rating 3

Pros: Natural color, reasonable price, pleasant smell, easy to apply
Cons: streaks, peeling effect in elbow/keen pits and around joints, comes off in rain/shower
Overall: So I was shocked at how amazing the color of this was, almost instantly. I mean, it was beautiful color. HOWEVER, I got caught in a rain storm the next day and had dots all over my arms where the rain hit me. Yeah, not cool L'oreal. Not cool. 

Pros: easy to use, reasonable price, pleasant smell
Cons: Orangey color, streaks
Overall: I really love how easy this spray is to use. The funnel-like attachement that is on the nozzle makes a world of difference. If I could have the Neutrogena formula in this bottle, all would be right in the world (not really, but you know what I mean). I do not love the color this gives, it is more of a darker shade of tan, kind of orange tinted. 

5) Jergen's Natural Glow : Rating- 7

Pros: Good color, easy to use, doesn't streak, good price, lasts a good while
Cons: Doesn't smell the best, a little oily
Overall: Not going to lie, I have been using this product on and off for about ten years. While I do LOVE the color, I do not love the smell. It has a strong smell that lingers for a few hours after application. I also do not love how oily it can make my skin feel.