Crisp Stripes

Jul 19, 2015

Top | Bag | Jeans (with DIY distressing) | Sunglasses | Watch c/o | Shoes

This shirt is definitely one of my favorite recent purchases. I wish I could let you feel how soft it is, it lays perfectly when you tuck it in because the material is so good. I also love the colors, they are crisp and bright and perfect for warm summer days. I have another blue/white striped shirt from Ann Taylor, but it's a little too sheer for easy wear. This one isn't, I did not have to wear a cami underneath. FYI: if you are looking for a new watch, I highly recommend Italian brand Filippo Loreti! The quality is off the charts and the style is classic and timeless. I am wearing the Florence Rose Gold and I can see myself wearing this piece for years to come.
This weekend has been one of those 'cram it all in and enjoy every minute of it' weekends! I spent yesterday with my brother, his girlfriend (who I adore!), and my grandparents. We had breakfast at McDonald's (grandparent's choice haha), did some flea marketing, and had a cookout later in the evening. It was great and I know one day I will cherish my time with these people even more than I do now. Ah, bittersweet! Today my husband and I did the usual Sunday errands- Thai food, Whole Foods run, me dragging him to look for new makeup ;) He loves it, lol! I am looking forward to relaxing a couple hours (how is it already 9 pm!) with my furbabies and prepping for the week ahead, but definitely not looking forward to the week ahead...
"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content"
xoxo, Sam