The Solemates

Jun 13, 2015

Shoes, Sole Society (they come in three colors!) | Shoe care, Sole Mates c/o
If you're like me, you LOVE to get a new pair of shoes, but you HATE to break those shoes in. There is nothing worse than wearing an amazing outfit and feeling good about yourself, only to have your feet hurting by lunch time because of those (probably fabulous) new shoes! This is where The Solemates come in. They make everything you can possibly need in order to take care of your shoes and help with some of the foot pain that comes along with them. I love to shoe essentials kit, mainly because these are items I have to track down after almost every new shoe purchase- gripper pads for the bottoms of shoes and heel cushions to prevent friction and blisters on the heels. I also love the blister blocker, an anti friction balm (I actually used this just the other day with my new flats and it works like a dream!).

My baby sister graduated high school this week and just left for senior week. I am so excited and nervous for her at the same time. I can't believe how fast time is going and how quickly my little sisters have become 'adults'. It's bittersweet and exciting and joyous and it's making me an emotional wreck! Time please slow down.

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