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Jun 17, 2015

Jewels, Gem La La c/o (Check them out! You pay for 'totes' filled with jewels you get to keep! The price varies depending on how many totes you decide to purchase :) )

This mascara and primer are the dream team! I also love this foundation for hot & humid days. It really does last all day and keeps you shine free!

(Shoes) (Bag) I am loving the LV monogram strap I received as an early bday gift from my guy. I actually carry my Speedy now because I can actually carry it on my shoulder. Highly recommend if you have a Speedy you have been neglecting!

(Parfume) (Lipsticks, hereherehere, & here(Bracelet)

Tonight we are going out with my family to celebrate mine and my sister's birthday! We share a birthday, ten years apart :)