Vacation/Honeymoon Beauty Routine

May 13, 2015

So I'm one of those girls that loves to buy all of the makeup, but never uses it. I love a natural, fresh, dewy face. I'm not a fan of cakey makeup or an overly matte finish. The products pictured above are all I have worn for the past week and a half while in Hawaii (except for my wedding day, I did add this Dior blush, it's my favorite pinky-glow blush).

I apply Complexion Rescue with this brush. Bare Minerals suggests using your fingers to apply the formula, but I hate touching my face and always use a brush and this one works great. The formula isn't exactly a foundation, but I still use it as such. It is more of a tinted moisturizer but I think it has the perfect amount of coverage and I love it.

I use the highlighter above under my eyes in place of concealer. It brightens them up and instantly makes me look awake and refreshed, even if I'm not haha. I do normally use a Dior concealer but not when I know my face may get a little sweaty, I op for the powder highlighter because it sticks around better.

The lip gloss is a perfect coral/pink color that I know I will be wearing all Summer. I haven't even touched my lipsticks because the gloss feels so good and looks great.

I've raved about this sea salt spray  hair many, many times on my blog and insta. As I have mentioned before, I used it all throughout high school and then they discontinued it (insert whiney face emoji here). I was SO STOKED when they brought it back this spring and have been using it ever since. Buy it, try it, you'll love it.

I'd love to hear what products you guys love for spring/summer!