Resort Wear

May 18, 2015


Cami | Bag, Prada. Similar here. | Sandals | Skirt, old. Similar here. | Hat, Truffaux. Similar here | Necklace | 

((Excuse the quality of these pictures, we tried to beat the sunset this day but didn't make it :( ))

I was supposed to go back to work today but an extreme case of jet lag and a nasty case of pink eye kept me home. Yesterday we spent the entire day unpacking and reorganizing everything, so I am very glad all of that is out of the way!

I wore this outfit a couple times in Hawaii, the first time was after our elopement for dinner at Bali, the second time (this time) was when we went exploring one night and ended up at a Ramen joint just down the way from where we were staying. If you are ever in Waikiki and want something different and extremely authentic to Japanese culture, I highly recommend Ramen Nakamura. There WILL be a wait but the experience and the food are totally worth it.