Denim Blues

Apr 21, 2015

Jeans, old. Similar here.| Shirt, Anthropologie. Similar Here & Here | Bag, Prada. Similar here | Sunnies | Shoes, Nordstrom Rack. Just ordered these!

Helloooo! Yesterday I was NOT feeling very well, so thankful that I'm better today! Guess that's what I get for bragging about not having any allergies last week lol. For those of you that do have bad seasonal allergies (like my fiance), I pity you because I could not deal with feeling like that all spring.

We are ten days out from our trip and all I can think about is how I'm going to have to leave my two dogs! I feel so guilty about leaving them and while I know my sisters will take care of them, I'm still worrying about it. I'm a weirdo, totally aware haha. I am looking forward to the adventures Justin and I will experience while we are in Hawaii though- can't wait to knock cliff diving off of my bucket list!

ps: I wore this out on Saturday for a GNO. I haven't really been feeling the pastels this spring, maybe it's all the rain we've been getting? I've been gravitating more towards bold hues and black. Also, ignore my hair. It's was hot and humid and this is all my curly hair would let me achieve. Hello, spring time in the South!


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