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Mar 19, 2015

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Tomorrow is FRIIIIIIDAYYYY!! Woot, so excited. Also so excited about the warmer temps coming up so I can break out the sandals! I have 1, 2, and 5 (also snatched a no name red pair and another nude pair from eBay, obviously I love these sandals. They're just so clean and chic). I love 1 & 2 because the heel height isn't too high, so it makes them more practical to wear all day :) I actually got 5 from a sample sale, I think I ended up paying like $25 for them?? Crazy good deal dude. I almost felt like I was stealing them.

Ok, enough rambling about shoes. We just got in from eating sushi and I feel miserable. Ate way too much tofu. I still feel like a have a million things to do and it's almost 10:00. I need days to be longer, or a way to train my body to not need sleep lol. Thankful the weekend is near!

Thanks for stopping by & as I've said before, I really appreciate it!! You have no idea.

xo, Sam

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