Keeping Warm + Mountain Packing Guide

Feb 24, 2015

Even though I'm cravingggg spring, it's still freezing here. These are some pieces I feel are necessary for the cold. They are also VERY similar to what I wore all weekend in the mountains, so if you are planning a trip soon this is a good guide to pack by. I took some cute sweaters and tops but definitely didn't wear them. Sometimes warmth and comfort trump fashion #sorrynotsorry. I don't know if  it's just me, but when it's cold and gloomy out (like it has been lately) all I want to put on are cozy, warm, feel good clothes. Boots with warm socks, warm fleece, soft mittens, I want to be warm and comfy! 

Have I mentioned I'm ready for spring?? ha. 

ps: DO NOT forget your chapstick! I used it every hour in that cold mountain air. 

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Thanks for reading, 
xo Sam

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